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WHO’S REALLY CALLING? Have you received a call about suspicious activity on your bank or credit card account? It’s comforting to know someone’s looking out for you. Or are they? If they’re asking questions for which they should have the answers, these callers may only be looking out for themselves! BE SMART WITH USED DEVICES …

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Job Search and Career Management

Mentor-Train-Recruit (MTR) Program for Job Search and Career Growth Two workshops to get you on your path to your professional career. Part I: Job Search in 30 Days Workshop February 10, 2018, 8:30 am to 5:0 pm @ Resurrection Lutheran Church 2495 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051 The “Job Search in 30 Days Workshop” …

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The Dark Web

If you want to buy or sell illegal stuff, the dark web is where it is done A google search for “dark web” at 7:35 on 4/23/2015 returned 72,000,000 results in 0.66 seconds. A similar search with Norton Safe Search returned 201,000,000 results in about the same time. Other search engines return similar results. What …

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Is Your Child’s Identity Safe?

Since the red flags aren’t as obvious as they are for adults many children don’t know they’ve been and identity theft victim until they get their first job or by the first car. That makes them very attractive targets. “If a thief gets a hold of the child’s Social Security number, they can completely trash …

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