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Jun 13

4 Keys to Create a Passive Residual Income


4 Keys to Create a Passive Residual Income By Thomas R Holthus As a full time worker, or even a full time entrepreneur, there’s a limit to how much income you can generate from individual efforts. Since time immemorial astute business men and women have engaged in wealth building by leveraging the efforts of their …

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Jun 04

Sales Tips to Warm Up a Cold Call

Cold Call

Do you own a home-based business? One of the quickest ways you can start getting results is to pick up the phone and make calls. The challenge is that many of the conversations you will have are cold calls. Cold calling is calling prospective customers on the phone and delivering a sales pitch. This method …

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Mar 16

5 Reasons to Work in Direct Sales

Direct Sales

5 Reasons to Work in Direct Sales 5 Reasons to Work in Direct Sales By Thomas R Holthus In today’s economy, you need to develop multiple streams of income. You can’t rely on money coming in from a job without establishing a backup plan. What happens if you are laid off? You lose your income …

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Jan 17

3 Keys to Get Business through Networking

Networking Event

Owning a business can be a very challenging yet rewarding experience. One of the best ways to be a success in today’s market is to take advantage of business networking. If you want to build a successful business, then you need to get out and network. Here are 3 tips to help you get started …

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