Sales Tips to Warm Up a Cold Call

Do you own a home-based business? One of the quickest ways you can start getting results is to pick up the phone and make calls. The challenge is that many of the conversations you will have are cold calls.

Cold calling is calling prospective customers on the phone and delivering a sales pitch. This method has a high failure rate and can be exhausting for a business owner. But cold calling has massive potential for gaining new customers which is why skilled cold callers are always in demand.

To warm up a cold call keep in mind the following tips:

1) You need to maintain a positive and cheerful attitude. It takes discipline to keep make calls when you are facing rejection. Stay focused on why you are making calls and what you hope to accomplish.

2) Approach cold calling as somebody who wants to help, instead of a salesperson pushing a product, nobody wants to be bossed into buying something they do not need.

3) Understand your product and find out what the customer needs, aim to generate leads instead of sales. It may take several contacts before people respond to you. Don’t try to force a sale. Simply focus on developing a relationship and adding value.

Remember to always open and close on a positive note, whether the cold call was successful or not. This way, people will always think well of the experience and your company.

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Thomas Holthus
Business Mentor