Is Your Child’s Identity Safe?

family EDTSince the red flags aren’t as obvious as they are for adults many children don’t know they’ve been and identity theft victim until they get their first job or by the first car. That makes them very attractive targets. “If a thief gets a hold of the child’s Social Security number, they can completely trash that credit and use it for years if someone isn’t paying attention,” says Jen Stueckler product manager IDShield.

The restoration process for child identity theft is a complex topic, as statistics show that the perpetrators are often relatives. Having a trained IDShield private investigator to handle the gritty details can salvage more than just a child’s credit. “you want your family to be protected and do the best for them,” says Efrain Reeder, Director of key accounts for Kroll. “we provide guidance and a sympathetic ear so people can understand the severity of the problem and help them navigate that family dynamic.”

findings are based on a report published in 2012 the source:

For a more complete picture of this topic, see Bureau of Justice Statistics, identity theft series:

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