How to Use Your Creativity to Grow your Business

Your business depends on your creativity and advertising skills. The more innovative you are with your marketing strategies, the less problem solving you’ll have later on since profits won’t be a problem area.

You can use creativity in all aspects of your business.

Here are a few of the areas where you can be creative:

  • Business cards
  • Traditional ads
  • Online Pay Per Click (PPC) ads
  • Flyers
  • Email messages
  • Social media
  • Sales letters
  • Sales scripts
  • Marketing images
  • Blog posts
  • Articles

Here are 3 tips to tap into your creativity:

* Use social networking to boost your sales. Build your brand using Facebook and Twitter. Entice future customers to try your product by sharing news and relevant facts.

* Give products away. Don’t be afraid to develop a promotional campaign where you give away for free. If a sample is successful, you are likely to gain a customer.

* Team up with another company. Include your product with someone else’s product or service. When the other company gains a customer, their new customer might become yours as well if they enjoyed your sample product.

I encourage you to practice creativity in your business. Try to do something creative every day. Your business will benefit, and so will you.

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Thomas Holthus
Business Mentor