Common Scam Characteristics

scamThe bad guys are getting more creative each day. There is a wealth of information in the web about scams. I find that most people do not have the time to search for and read them. I will present a few of them and highlight their common characteristics.
Sample scams from IRTC (
This is a sample of the information that is available on the web
• Dayton Power and Light Scam
Thieves are pretending to be employees of Dayton Ohio’s Utility provider and scamming residents out of money through collection of false utility usage fees.
• Medical Emergency Scam
The scammer calls the victim and claims that they work for a hospital or related emergency medical service. The scammer then informs the victim that their child was in an accident and money needs to be sent for medical bills.
• Social Security Mailer Scam
Scammers are using a “referendum on Social Security,” as a false pretense to request fraudulent donations.
The common characteristics of the scam
• A phone call from someone you don’t know
• A request for $ or access to a credit or bank account
• A story that you might relate to
What to do
• Seek verification of the claim from an independent source
• Purchase identity theft protection

I will elaborate on this topic in future blogs.

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Thomas Holthus
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