The Perfect Business

Are you looking for a way to increase your income? Have you considered starting or acquiring a business? If you trade time for money; it doesn’t matter how much you make per unit time, your time is limited and therefore your income is limited.

Are you looking for the perfect business?

Consider the following 11 criteria as you search for the perfect business:
1. GLOBAL REACH – Markets to the world rather than just a region.
2. INELASTIC DEMAND – Has a product people need regardless of price.
3. LOW LABOR – Ideal business has low labor requirements.
4. CONTINUING NEED – It is not a fad.
5. LOW OVERHEAD – The ideal business as low overhead.
6. SPECIAL PRODUCTS – Special copy righted or patented products.
7. LOW INVESTMENT – Does not require a large up-front investment
8. CASH BUSINESS – The ideal business no credit arrangements.
9. REGULATION FREE – Relatively free of government and industrial regulation.
10. PORTABLE – The ideal business can be operated from anywhere.
11. FASCINATING – Keeps you fascinated for a life time.

These points of a perfect business were excerpted form the Dow Theory Letters, September 1977.

Compare an ecommerce business with these points by looking at the following web site;

You might also think about the tax benefit of having a business.

Thomas Holthus
Business Mentor

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