3 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Are you protected against the risk of identity theft? Many people are at risk and may lose money and face potential problems if they don’t take action to protect themselves.

Criminals use deceitful tactics to learn your personally identifiable information (PII). Armed with simple information, a thief can order credit cards, access your personal bank accounts and even get a driver’s license in your name with his or her picture. Three tips to prevent identity theft save time, money and future stress.

1. Shred or burn all mail and documents containing personal information. Unscrupulous identity thieves fish through garbage at your home, the paper recycling facility or even the garbage dump in search of PII.

2. Place a daily spending cap on your credit cards. Regularly monitor cards for fishy activity, especially Internet transactions. Write “Ask for ID” on the back so a crook does not have your signature.

3. A lost credit card is every consumer’s worst financial nightmare. Call immediately and report the last transaction you remember. This helps your financial institution differentiate your spending from an unlawful transaction.

By taking a few simple steps, you can help to reduce the risk of identify theft. You can also use a service to monitor your credit and alert you to potential problems.

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