Develop the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Develop the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Develop the Mindset of an Entrepreneur
By Thomas R Holthus

Are you an entrepreneur?

If you are not an entrepreneur today, the good news is that you have the potential to become an entrepreneur in the future.

You see, entrepreneurship is a mindset. You can choose to become an entrepreneur.

Some people find the word a little frightening. If that sounds scary to you, then use the phrase small business owner or home-based business owner. It means the same thing.

Becoming an entrepreneur means that you own a business and earn money. That’s it!

Here are 4 steps to develop an entrepreneurial mindset:

1) Look for business opportunities

There are opportunities all over. You just need to recognize opportunities when you see them and take advantage of opportunities.

You may have heard the phrase, “multiple streams of income”. Many people have a job. And when they lose their job, they lose their income. Don’t let this happen to you. I would encourage you to adopt the mindset of creating multiple streams of income.

Think about the different ways you can make money. You can offer a product or service. You can join a direct sales company. You can buy real estate.

Look for opportunities to build a team and leverage other people. You may not have all of the skills you need to be successful but you can find other people to help.

2) Cultivate a positive mental attitude

If you want to build a thriving, successful business, then you need to have a positive attitude. You need to wake up every day with the attitude that you can accomplish amazing things.

When you face challenges, keep charging forward. Be practical and realistic and also hold true to your dreams.

3) Develop your marketing and sales skills

There is perhaps no more important skill to build a business than marketing and sales. If you have no past experience, don’t worry. You can learn from others. You can leverage other people’s skills while you learn techniques.

Read books, listen to audio and video programs and take classes. Hire a coach and find a mentor. Learn sales and marketing skills and your world will open up with an abundance of opportunities!

4) Meet people and add value

Business happens between people. If you want to earn money, then you need to talk to people. Opportunities will reveal themselves as you have conversations with people. Be open to the possibility that something wonderful may happen.

Are you ready to start a business? You might want to find a business mentor who can guide you through the process.

Maybe you have a business, but realize you want to create more leverage. It’s time to look for ways to leverage your time and money more effectively.

Set goals and take action daily to accomplish your goals. Good luck!

Thomas Holthus is a Business Mentor who teaches people on strategies to start and run a successful business. He has a background as a Senior Program/Project Manager and System Engineer with extensive experience proposing, winning and managing high technology programs. For a Free Video with tips on how to start your own business, visit

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